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International Students

"Upper Room Christian School is pleased to announce our partnership with the Sino-U.S. Educational Alliance (SUEA) and it's member schools and Admission's offices all across The People's Republic of China.   SUEA, “the Alliance” is authorized to recruit Chinese students to our school here in Dix Hills, Long Island and to our College Preparatory Study Center (CPSC) high school extension programs at Five Towns College (FTC) and other participating colleges and universities on Long Island. 

The Sino-U.S. Educational Alliance will use it’s influence and resources throughout China to develop sister school/friendship school relationships, and establish “joint venture schools” with prestigious Chinese Middle Schools and High Schools to provide all student admissions and placement services to member schools.

All interested Chinese agents, students or parents must contact the Sino-U.S. Educational Alliance Admissions office nearest you in China or contact our U.S. headquarters here in Dix Hills, NY at 646-533-2327 for admissions information.  A Chinese speaking representative will be happy to assist you.  The Sino-U.S. Educational Alliance (SUEA) is the only authorized Admissions Office for all Chinese student applications. 

Upper Room Christian School will continue to encourage international students and agents from other countries to contact our school admissions office at 631 242-5359 ext. 201, but all Chinese admissions requests will be forwarded to the SUEA Admissions office above. 


International Student Policies

2019-2020 School Year


I-20 Tuition Deposit

Every international student must pay a tuition deposit prior to the issuance of an I-20. This tuition deposit will be deducted from the balance of your tuition bill, which will be due and payable before the international student arrives at our school.

For all Chinese student applicants, the SUEA Admissions Office will facilitate all of the above. 

ESL Policy

All international student attending Upper Room Christian School are required to take an English as a Second Language (ESL) course each year throughout grades 7-11, so no TOEFL test is required for admissions.  Only 12th grade College Preparatory students are required to take a TOEFL test and score 50 or higher to qualify for acceptance to our College Prep program.    

Each 11th grade student is expected to register, at their own expense, and take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), as offered by the College Board, by the end of 11th grade. Students must take either the iBT (Internet Based Test) version of the TOEFL or the PBT (Paper Based Test) version prior to graduation.

If a completed 11th grade student scores 100 or above on the iBT TOEFL or a 600 or above on the paper-based TOEFL exam they may decide to be exempt from taking ESL classes during their 12th grade.  Students will not be exempt from ESL in any other grade.

School Lunch Fee

Please note: if international students decide not to participate in the school lunch program for dietary or any other reasons, there will be no refunds given for school lunch monies.

Guardianship and Health Insurance

Every international student is required to provide guardianship documents to their host home family, and have a valid U.S. health insurance policy while attending Upper Room Christian School. Many agencies provide such coverage. If a student is not covered by an agency's health insurance policy, they must obtain their own U.S. health insurance while attending Upper Room Christian School.

For all Chinese student applicants, the SUEA Admissions Office will assist in completing all of the above.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees vary based upon which educational program or College Preparatory program a student is interested in along with the Host Home, Boarding Home or Dormitory housing that is available to new students.   All tuition and fees include ESL and School Lunch, but may not always include transportation or International student high school or college textbooks.

All Chinese student applicants can call upon the SUEA Admissions Office to assist in all tuition, and transportation related questions.


School and Gym Uniforms - approximately U.S.$400.00 per year - purchased prior to the opening of school.

NYC Excursions/ School Field Trips - approximately U.S.$300.00 per year - may vary by student.


Transportation - (if not provided by the public school district)*   U.S.$3,900.00 per year.

SAT or ACT Prep. class – U.S.$500.00 per course.

Music, Voice or Dance lessons – U.S.$50.00 per lesson.

After school team sports - Varies by sport

St. John's University college courses – U.S.$350.00 per course.

A.P. Physics or other AP courses – U.S.$150.00 per course.

*Note: Transportation is provided free if the host home or boarding home in the public school district is within a 15-mile busing radius, AND the public school district of residency, NOT Upper Room Christian School, makes the final decision on whether an International F-1 Visa student or an International J-1 Visa, (one year foreign exchange) student, will receive bussing or not.