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Thank you for expressing an interest in Upper Room Christian School. Upper Room Christian School is an outstanding educational ministry that is dedicated to spiritual training and academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. Founded in 1981, Upper Room Christian School is registered with the New York State Board of Regents, with graduates in colleges, universities and work places all across the nation. It is our sincere desire that you and your family become a part of the growing tradition and standard of excellence that has come to be associated with Upper Room Christian School. 

If you would like to visit with us and meet our administrators and teachers, along with some of our parents, students and alumni, we welcome you to attend one of our OPEN HOUSE EVENTS, which are scheduled in February and March. At that time, you may also return your completed admissions application and set up an interview with one of our school administrators. For those of you who are already acquainted with our staff and educational facilities, you may call us at any time to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience. Please don't hesitate to call our school office at 631-242-5359 ext. 201 with any questions.  Or e-mail us at vdonofrio@urcs.org. 

We work to create a loving, Spirit-controlled, disciplined academic environment, where your child can “grow up in Christ, spirit, soul and body”. We want to insure that your child will be successful in our school, especially if they are entering our high school. Your child’s academic records, medical records, and standardized test scores for the past three years must be obtained from your child’s previous school before an enrollment exam and interview can be conducted. At the interview, we will discuss your child’s projected schedule, as well as our academic requirements for graduation.

All parents/guardians must understand that even if you have not yet been enrolled to URCS, you are still required to apply for school bus transportation with the school district in which you reside by April 1, 2022, or you may be denied bus transportation by your district. 

We sincerely believe that as we partner together to raise your children up in Christ....spirit, soul and body.... you will build a loving, trusting relationship with our teachers and administrative staff that will grow and prosper throughout your family's tenure in the church-school community at Upper Room. 

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