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According to Niche.com Upper Room Christian School is ranked in the top 3% of Private Schools in NYS based on stats, test scores and school ratings! Niche ranks more than 100,000 public and private schools and districts based on dozens of statistics and 27 million opinions from 300,000 students and parents. Upper Room offers a Safe, Affordable, Christ Centered, with Academic and Athletic excellence. Upper Room Christian School is a great choice for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade!


A Parent’s Testimonial with Deepest Gratitude

I am the parent of  a high school freshman who entered Upper Room Christian School in 5th grade.

As a parent, it has been of the utmost importance to have my child educated in a Christian environment, to be in partnership with those whose values are in alignment with my own. From the moment I came to the first Open House, and saw small children with their eyes closed and their hands raised, singing, praising and praying in adoration to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I was thrilled!

It has been such a gift to be able to have the Word of Truth interwoven into the academics of Math (Mr. V is on fire for God!), Science (special shout out to Mrs. Roberts for teaching the difference between evolution and the Biblical accounts), Social Studies (many thanks to Mr. Zambelli for bringing a fresh approach to learning and technology, and to Miss Holmes for inspiring the students to be very well rounded), English (special thanks to Mrs. Pagano for adding the spiritual and introducing much cultural literature, and to Mrs. Costanza for her disciplined approach to learning), Spanish (Señora Cambien-Morales has been a very caring, listening and mobilizing influence, drawing the best from within the students), Bible (Mr. Mackey is a phenomenal, dedicated and inspired teacher of the Word of God) and Music (who loves to praise more than Miss Mary???)

The teachers and staff really care about the students, even after they’ve left their class and moved on to another! Miss Vicky Wenzel is one such caring teacher, who watches and prays continually for my child, Miss Gregg has been an extreme blessing as security and in the cafeteria, Mr. Davis is a wonderful gift with technology and media, Mr. Reiersen continues to keep in touch via Facebook from Florida. Though Mrs. Smith has gone on to be with the Lord, her loving care and influence still lingers.

The Eck Family – Dr. Eck, Pastor Eck, Mr. & Mrs. Waller – are a very dedicated family to the ministry of this school, and have each, in their own very unique way, given their all to making the school a reflection of the love, character and glory of God!

The Administrators of Upper Room School have been phenomenal. Pastor Hashim is very true and passionate in carrying out the vision of the school to the very best of his ability, and has an open door policy for any questions and/or concerns you may have as a parent. 

Last, but by no means least, is the Dono family. I must make sure I do not get tears on my keyboard. From the very first moment I met Pastor Ed Dono, I knew this man had the heart of God, the heart of the Father, towards these children. He is strong, loving, intuitive and takes his position very, very seriously, doing it unto the Lord. He is a PRAYERFUL man, a man with the wisdom of Solomon, a man full of compassion, joy and laughter, who also knows when to be stern and a disciplinarian. His wife, Peggy Dono, is his perfect companion with the gift of administration, love, patience, prayer and care for the families of Upper Room.

Chapel service is LIVE, fostering true relationship with the Lord, with a variety of gifted speakers of all ages, musicians from in house and graduates of Upper Room, who, out of love, return bringing their gifts to keep the fire burning, prayer and praise, with the constant open door for salvation and repentance.

Upper Room is a small environment, but great things happen in small environments, just look at the womb!

So with all that being said, I thank GOD for Upper Room Christian School, where JESUS is Lord and the Power of God is in demonstration.

In the words of my beloved grandmother, I say to you all, Thank You, Bless You, Love You.


A Former Graduate Has This to Say

Whatever academic or career success I have and will ever achieve is thanks to the grace of God and the wonderful foundation laid during my years at URCS! Thank you again so much for your encouragement -- past and present. It means so much to me! Take care and may God richly bless you!


Editor at National Association of Professional Women

Here's a Testimonial From Another Family

We just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what a blessing the URCS & it's staff has been to our family over the past 10 years. Our daughter Evanna has attended the school since T-K & is now an 8th grader. Watching her development over the years both academically & spiritually has been 1 of the high lights of our lives & we know that the hard work, guidance & efforts of your teachers has played a pivotal part in this process & that's why we couldn't wait to get our 2nd princess Naomi started with you & she did start kindergarten this year & is already doing well. We also think that's important to note that your hard work is not going unnoticed by others, recently we decided to look at some other schools to see what else is being offered out there, long story short Evanna was accepted into the Waldorf School in garden city. This school is supposedly 1 of the top private prep schools in the state & they really wanted us to enroll her there offering us a lot of incentives, after a tour of the school we didn't see anything that wasn't being offered at Upper Room & not to mention it's not a Christian School. Oh & by the way did we forget to mention to 25,000 $ tuition, naturally it was a no brainer that we decided to keep her at Upper Room where she's getting a high quality education both spiritually & academically. Thank you again for all that you do & God willing we hope to work with you & your staff for many years to come to provide the excellence in education thru Christ that is truly a standard at URCS.
Sincerely: The St Louis Family Ivan, Taira, Evanna & Naomi