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PSAT Information


All students of Upper Room Christian School will be taking the PSAT in school on a October 6th, 2021

Upper Room Christian school allows students from outside districts to take the PSAT at our school.
Any student interested in taking the PSAT with us will need to contact Mrs. Trimis at tbracchi@urcs.org or 631-242-5359 ext 265 to register.


The student will need the following to register:
1. a permission slip from the students guidance counselor
2. a permission slip from the students parent/guardian
3. $25 cash/check made out to Upper Room Christian School

Make sure your child will arrive that day with pencils, pens, a calculator and a school id.  After the test, your child's PSAT booklet will be mailed back to your district for your Guidance counselor to keep until the results are back.


We are only allowed to take a certain number of students, so make sure you reserve your spot soon!